Cryptocurrencies have been in the market for more than a decade now. The first cryptocurrency to come out was Bitcoin in 2009, and it was launched right after the global financial crisis of 2008 to provide a haven for investors and people alike.

Since the success of Bitcoin, many cryptocurrencies emerged and were termed as altcoins. Every year there are multiple ICOs that help start-up various blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

With Bitcoin at the top, people are always looking out for ways to earn free bitcoins and trade risk-free. However, even after earning bitcoins, you have to be careful about market volatility. The price of BTC can rise and drop at any instant and you may want to ensure that you maintain your profits.

Here are some ways that you can get free bitcoins.

Participate in ICOs

Every year there are hundreds of ICOs that help to fund newer cryptocurrencies. Even if you have a small amount of savings, you can invest in the ICOs or may just sign up for free and receive some free cryptocurrencies. When this cryptocurrency goes live, you can trade it for some bitcoins.

However, before you invest in an ICO, it is advisable to perform a simple background check of the project members to ensure that you are not being cheated. There have been various cases of fraudulent ICOs running away with investors’ money.

Micro Tasks or Crypto Faucets

There are various online platforms that are labeled as crypto faucets or provide rewards for every micro-task that gets completed. Crypto Faucets are websites that provide rewards for completing specific activities or tasks on their platforms.

Initially, these websites provided cashbacks and discount coupons, but they have now moved on to crypto rewards. The earlier versions also required you to authenticate using your personal information which could be compromised, but with crypto faucets, there is no exchange of information.

There are many people who earn quite a bit of money from completing such micro tasks, and they are known as bounty hunters. Companies are always looking for bounty hunters to complete their micro tasks.

Companies outsource non-crucial tasks such as social media marketing, article writing and much more to the bounty hunters. There are many online websites where companies can post their bounties, and the hunters take them up. There are also officials to keep a check on the quality of work to ensure that the company is not being cheated or overpaying.


Online gambling has become quite popular and many crypto-gambling websites have emerged. You can sign up for free and you will earn some free crypto coins to gamble. Once you win a certain amount you can cash it out. You may be rewarded in cryptocurrency, which you can then trade for bitcoins.

If you have gambling skills and patience then you can go over to a crypto casino and try your luck. There are various crypto related casinos that provide you an opportunity to earn free bitcoins. 


As you already know, companies outsource their non-critical work to freelancers and third-party organizations. Freelancers are a bit different from bounty hunters and they are given different work compared to microtasks.

Freelancers are not employed at one company for a long period. They work on specific projects for a limited time. They are also their own bosses and can have a flexible career. Many college students and even some industry professionals are freelancers.

Many freelancing platforms provide you an option to accept payments in the form of cryptocurrencies. This can help you accumulate some bitcoins and cash out when the prices are relatively high.

Crypto Payments

If you are an owner of a website or if you sell some goods and services you can switch over to accepting payments in crypto. There are some websites that help you set up e-commerce websites that accept crypto payments.

It is easier to accept crypto payments online as the general public has not started using crypto as a main source of payments.

dragnflex screens

Trading Apps

All the above methods do work, but there is a rise in trading apps that help you earn free bitcoins. But you need to make an initial investment in order to start earning from these platforms. Also, note that there is some risk associated as this is linked to the crypto market. Here’s one such platform you can use to get started with crypto trading.

DragNFlex is a trading app powered by Coinflex that helps accept crypto trading on mobile devices. It also provides various charts that help you visualize your trades.

How to trade on DragNFlex

  •       Profit and Loss in Realtime

      You can place stop loss and take profit by dragging pins in the gauge.

      The gauge displays your liquidation zone which can be adjusted.

      You can slide and close your position and also repay your leverage.

  •       Leveraged Position

      Just with one slider you can limit order or stop order or even place a market order.

      When the market goes sideways you can place an open bracket order to follow the trend.

      You can place a closing order that is triggered when your initial order gets filled.

  •       Balance checks

      You can watch your spot and future balances by swiping left on the screen.

      You can exchange your spot assets and also buy flex coins to further reduce your low trading fees.

      You can buy BTC using your credit card.

      You will be able to transfer assets from the spot to the future contracts easily.

  •       Limit order or brackets

      You can set parameters for bracket orders such as profit target, stop loss and Pay Up.

      You can follow the market price and bid.

      You also can watch the trading volume.


Once you earn enough profits on DragNFlex, you can exchange them for BTC with no effect on your bank balance.

You can click here for a downlink link to the DragNFlex app.

Ready to Earn Free Bitcoins – What’s Your Pick?

There are many ways to get free bitcoins as discussed above. Choose the best way based to earn bitcoins based on your risk appetite.