Youtube videos are one of the most convenient ways you can get updates and new information about any topic. And when it comes to cryptocurrencies Youtube makes no exception.

Video contents are a great way to entertain yourself and learn more about the most popular crypto in an easy way. There’s a myriad of channels dedicated solely to the crypto world, from the basics of the blockchain technology to market updates and investment recommendations. 

There is a huge community of investors and traders that spend their time educating and helping other people succeed in the subject. However, in 2019 Youtube deleted and banned a number of crypto users and videos, so some of the videos that were so popular before do not exist anymore and some users even stopped making videos.

Here’s The List Of The Best 5 Crypto Youtubers For This 2020

As for now, they can be considered the best blockchain youtube channels around. These channels were selected based on lots of factors including their consistency, popularity, and quality of the information provided.


  • Crypto Lark
  • Tone Vays
  • Ivan on Tech
  • Crypto Crow
  • Patrick Corsino

Crypto Lark

Crypto lark is definitely a must, especially if you’re a beginner. Hosted by Lark Davis, his fun take on cryptocurrency and the whole blockchain technology is entertaining and of high-value. But do not confuse humor with lack of quality, Lark has managed to become New Zealand’s most popular crypto channel.

Inside you’ll find videos of him explaining in a simple and understandable way even the most complex subjects. Everything from interviews and reviews to market analysis, ICO news and important events related to the cryptocurrency world.

He also does a great job at explaining how to get paid in crypto and how to trade. So, for many reasons, this is one of the best channels available in terms of content quality and educational purposes.

Tone Vays

One of Youtube’s best cryptocurrency channels out there. With more than 95K subscribers and a full arsenal of educational videos, you’ll probably find everything you need in this one place. The channel was started in August 2016 and every year becomes more popular due to a good number of reasons.

Tone Vays started as a risk analyst at Bear Stearns and even worked at JPMorgan for a while before becoming a cryptocurrency enthusiast. With that background, you can rest assured that he knows what he preaches and does a great job at sharing his blockchain knowledge.

In this channel, you’ll find a great variety of entertaining yet educational videos from which you can learn a lot. His expertise in economic trends and trading makes this a highly valuable tool for anyone interested in those subjects. Besides, you’ll find that he posts new videos every day.

Ivan on Tech

Run by the software developer Ivan Liljeqvist, Ivan on Tech is another very recommended crypto youtube channel. The Swedish software developer started it in July 2013 and has become one of the largest Youtube channels.

As a speaker and educator, Ivan is extremely knowledgeable about the crypto market and blockchain technology, he does a great job at explaining everything in a very entertaining and energetic way.  Overall a pretty strong channel with lots of content and daily updates.

Ivan on Tech is focused on Bitcoin so you’ll notice that this is the main coin that you’ll find information about. However, altcoins are also covered as well as news, updates, and information about major crypto events.

Crypto Crow

Jason Appleton’s channel started in 2017, relatively young in comparison to other channels but it has more than 85k subscribers as of now. The former MMA fight promoter and VP of sales of a mortgage company is a crypto investor that doesn’t beat around the bushes with his explanations.

You’ll immediately notice the particularly straightforward and direct style of his and probably wonder how he can make it look so easy. His very energetic and uplifting attitude towards crypto investing is also a great plus because this makes watching his videos very entertaining.

As opposed to other channels, Jason is more of a long-term investor than a short-term trader because he strongly believes that cryptos are the future of currencies. Inside the channel, you’ll find news and updates about crypto as well as some other general subjects like market and economic development.

Ian Balina

Another famous figure among the crypto youtubers, one of the most controversial as well. Ian Balina, a native of Uganda is a data analytics expert that used to work for companies like IBM before becoming a crypto investor and the founder/CEO of Token Metrics.

This very controversial figure is also famous for having lost 2.5 million dollars in Ether during a Livestream on youtube in 2018. The unfortunate event occurred when he was hacked during the Livestream due to what he attributes to someone accessing an old college account.

Despite this, it is still a great channel to subscribe to. You’ll find his videos very interesting as he is very knowledgeable, you’ll also find his “Diary of a Made Man” where he speaks about his life and his journey to becoming one of the most influential ICO speakers and prolific investor who, by the way, grew his portfolio from $37 Thousand to $5.3 Million in one year. 

Conclusion On The Best Cryptocurrency Youtube Channels

As it was mentioned before, these Youtube channels are some of the best ones you can follow this 2020. Whether you want to be on top of every major news and event or even if you’re not interested in putting all this knowledge in practice it is still a great way to keep yourself informed through reliable sources. 

Not only will you greatly enjoy their content but will also spend your free time being productive learning your trade (and most certainly the future of the economy).