First A Few Words About Bitcoin Casinos

Before diving directly into the Bitcoin online gambling world it is really important to understand some of the background of how it works and why it does.

Due to its nature, Bitcoins have no connection to personal information, bank accounts or anything else that could lead to revealing your identity. Transactions are highly encrypted and a number of verification is carried out every time to ensure that everything is working fine.

It has become such a popular payment method because as a decentralized currency it has much faster processing times and lower fees than other payment methods that involve banks and investment companies. 


Bitcoin Casino

Do Casinos Accept Bitcoin? 

Yes, they do. Not all casinos, but quite a lot do it because it works really well. 

In fact, just by taking a quick look at the number of online casinos that take Bitcoins you can quickly realize that it’s been widely accepted in the industry. Thanks to its many features, BTC is the perfect currency for online casinos and players all around the world. It is without a doubt one of the safest payment methods available. 

Bitcoin casino transactions are practically untraceable and very secure. That makes Bitcoin the preferred way to pay for real money gambling accounts. 

However, for those who do not understand crypto very well, the Pros and Cons must be stated:


  • Transactions Are Completed Quickly
  • Full Anonymity Is Possible
  • Bitcoin Wallets Provide High-end Security
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Bitcoins Are Not Taxable


  • Relatively Still A New Currency
  • Could Be Difficult To Understand For New Users
  • Bitcoin Value Fluctuates A Lot
  • It Is A Digital Currency And Has No Backup.


To summarize, we are still in the early days of BTC Online Casinos, but cryptocurrencies will not go away anytime soon. As the time passes there will be more and more Bitcoin casino sites available and the crypto currency will surely become a predominant payment method.

What Is The Best Bitcoin Casino Online?

This question is not so easy to answer. There are not hundreds, but thousands of online casinos that take BTC and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method. With such a long list it is practically impossible to determine which one is “the best”.

However, based on guidelines of quality, reliability and user feedback we can have a general idea of some of the best overall options available:


  • Bitstarz
  • Mbitcasino
  • 7bitcasino
  • Royal Panda
  • Betway Casino
  • Miami Club Casino
  • Planet Casino
  • Eclipse Casino
  • Slotocash Casino


Some of these casinos have earned their place in the heart of people due to the great amount of bonuses that they offer. You can get up to 2 BTC as a bonus and more than a 100 Free spins on some of their games. That’s quite a deal for gamblers!

Here Are 10 Casino Games You Can Play With Bitcoins

  1. Satoshi’s Secret

A game with a really cool theme. After all you can pay with Bitcoins to play a game about bitcoin hackers. It has bonus games such as “Trading Game” and “QWERTY Game” in which you can hack bank accounts or trade in the bitcoin market.

  1. Four Lucky Clover

A classic slot game with a classic look. Inside this game you can find 5×3 reels with 10 lines which can form different combinations. An attractive feature is that it can win up to 2,500x the stake.

  1. Bombay Club Blackjack 2

One of the biggest features of this game is the fact that it is a Live Casino. This is actually the first live casino the developers launched and they offer their services in many languages so anyone can understand while playing.

  1. Baccarat Online

Some games like this one can’t really have much variations. The attractiveness, though, and what makes each game feel different is the styling. You can find some baccarat games styled with James Bond movies in mind.

  1. Japanese Roulette Native Speaking

Another Live Casino Game. For some reason the japanese version of roulette has become really popular among online casino players. Probably this is because even if many people do not understand japanese it has a certain exotic feeling to it.

  1. Poker (Every Variation)

For poker, there are just as many choices as you can imagine. Not only every online casino offers this game but you can also choose from an almost unlimited variety with millions of different styles and user interface. Pretty cool, in fact.

  1. Thunderstruck II

A well balanced slot with a notable potential of producing really big wins. Out of all the extras added, Thor’s Rolling Reels is probably the most exciting and it often awards multiple consecutive wins.

  1. Wild Jester

A 5 reels and 25 pay-lines video slot inspired in the middle ages court life when Jesters were the main characters. A great game to play for real money.

  1. Kamchatka

Like Satoshi’s Secret this game is powered by ENDORPHINA. It is inspired by the wildlife on the volcanic peninsula of Kamtchatka. Every spin goes across beautiful landscapes that are filled with magnificent images and pretty solid wins.

  1. Gold Of Ra

An attractive game with the classic low paying symbols and high paying symbols. Clearly inspired in ancient Egypt, symbols are represented by the beetle, the eye of Horus, the eagle god and Pharaoh’s Mask.

Red glass playing dices and bitcoins.
Red glass playing dices and bitcoins on green table.

How to Play In Bitcoin Casinos?

Casinos transactions and deposits are actually surprisingly easy using Bitcoins. When you make a deposit using crypto you’re usually not asked for any registration nor you will be asked to provide them with credit card information. The steps are pretty simple and go as follows:

  • First, you need to actually have a bitcoin wallet that you will use to make the deposits. This is where you will also receive your winnings. Some casinos offer you an option to open a wallet for you and provide you with the private key as well as a public address. Note: Always keep the private key to yourself.
  • Second, let’s get some Bitcoins. This one is pretty easy if you don’t already have some. The most secure way to do it is by buying them directly at an exchange. Another option is to ask someone you trust to transfer you those funds. 
  • Deposit your new funds to your online casino provider by indicating the sum of money you want to transfer. Confirm.
  • Enjoy. Now you can start earning some real money without having to provide anyone with your real identity.

The only risk of using Bitcoin as a payment method is its high volatility. However, knowing when to convert those coins to dollars can get you even more earnings. With the prices going up to as much as $9,000 per coin you might find yourself amassing a real fortune worth of bitcoins.