The most innovative trading app.

Use your CoinFLEX account with amazing and intuitive interfaces to trade crypto futures.

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powered by CoinFLEX

The easiest way to trade crypto futures.

The DragNFlex App provides all the features you need to manage your CoinFLEX account and simplify the trading with amazing interfaces.

Watch your Profit & Loss in realtime

Check your open position in a blink. No surprises.

Place Stop Loss and Take Profit orders just by dragging the pins around the gauge.
The Gauge shows your liquidation zone in yellow. Adjust easily your liquidation price.
Slide to close your position at any time, and repay your leverage funding.

Open a leveraged position. No hassle.

The app transfers the right amount of collateral in your futures contract and takes out the leverage for you.

Place a Market order, Limit order or Stop order with one slider.
You can place an open bracket order. Useful when the market goes sideways and you want to follow the trend!
Place a closing order to be triggered when your initial order is filled. Draw your forecast on the chart with the sliders.
Visualize your trades on the chart.

Check your balances.

Exchange without leverage. Buy FLEX coins. Deposit Bitcoins.

Watch your SPOT or Futures balances just by swiping right and left.
Exchange your spot assets. Buy some FLEX Coins to reduce your trading fees (that are already super low by the way!)
Get your Bitcoin Deposit address from the app. Buy Bitcoins with your credit card (with Moonpay)
Transfer your assets from SPOT to Futures contract so easily.

Place limit orders or bracket orders directly on the book.

A bracket order is an advanced order type. It first submits an order and once it is filled, it places a Take Profit Limit order and a Stop-Loss Market order.

Set the parameters for your bracket orders: Profit target, Payup and Stop loss.
Follow the market price, the bid and the ask on the “ladder”.
Take out a leverage funding directly from this screen.
Watch your trading volume.

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Manual Download

For Android phones, you can install the APK manually by clicking on this button:

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